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About Us


AquaRev Industries was established in the year 2011, by a group of cohort individuals with diverse background promoting the company. Basically a small scale business entity, involved in cultivation of red seaweed and manufacturing of Carrageenan. Factory is located in Gujarat State of India, built in 3200m2 of Area.

At the beginning, AquaRev Industries solely produced Semi Refined Kappa Carrageenan. Years later, after conducting numbers of hi-tech research and development, the company has enhanced to extensive capabilities to produce Semi Refined Iota Carrageenan, Carrageenan for Jelly Products, carrageenan for dairy Products, and many more.

We adhere to high business principles in our every venture.

Quality is the primary attribute that is imbibed in our products, leaving no scope for complaints from our customers.Presently,we are serving the clientele across the world. We also supply customized products according to customer requirements and specifications.